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NullStyle bar type for NinjaTrader 8

| Ninjatrader, Trading | No Comments
NullStyle, eh? What's that all about!? Well - sometimes, you just do not want bars on a Ninjatrader chart. Maybe you have an indicator that plots bars, like a UniRenko,…

‘Process Optimiser’ tool for Windows

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | No Comments
Process Optimisation (for Windows 10+)I recently came across the 'Efficiency Mode' feature in Windows 11 Task Manager. This looked really good at first glance, because, as it happens, even in…


| Uncategorized | No Comments
Sorry folks. One of the monkeys here made a mistake, and as a result, some of the more recent key registrations have been lost. I have them all in emails,…

NinjaTrader Performance

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | 5 Comments
I have used this platform for many years now and as well as having a background as a professional software developer (and general tech wrangler!). I am for this to…