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Profile bars – Easy order flow for Ninjatrader 8

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | No Comments
pjsProfileBars - An easy to use order flow tool for Ninjatrader 8 PJSProfilebars was created as nothing at the time I could find existed to fulfil my desires (which is…

Ninjatrader 8 Price Line

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | 2 Comments
Do we really need another price line indicator!? Errrrr - Yes! So, I wrote this. A long time ago, actually, but I decided to share. What this does   Plots…

Ninjatrader 8 Cleanup Tool

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | One Comment
Ninjatrader has a database of files it maintains. These store every single trade, order update, chart and database caches, etc. As some users will have found, after a while, these…
TheStrat markup on NQ daily

#TheStrat indicator for Ninjatrader 8

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | 9 Comments
OK, I stumbled across #TheStrat a long, long time ago, but I don't really do longer-term trades (I'm a scalper), so I never really pursued it. Recently another trader brought…