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pjsHeikenAshi updates

| Ninjatrader, Trading | 5 Comments
pjsHeikenAshi has been updated with some nice new features over the last year or so. I've updated the downloads with the latest version today. This version adds some features I've…

Does your indicator have an edge?

| Ninjatrader, Trading | No Comments
Does your indicator have an edge? It's a great question to ask, if you use indicators to make your decisions. I bet a lot of people blindly follow them in…

Profile bars – Easy order flow for Ninjatrader 8

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | 14 Comments
pjsProfileBars - An easy to use order flow tool for Ninjatrader 8 PJSProfilebars was created as nothing at the time I could find existed to fulfil my desires (which is…

Ninjatrader 8 Price Line

| Ninjatrader, Tech, Trading | 11 Comments
Do we really need another price line indicator!? Errrrr - Yes! So, I wrote this. A long time ago, actually, but I decided to share. What this does Plots a…