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Documentation is coming!  Yes – I wasn’t really sure we’d get to this stage, but the user base is now decent and more and more features have been added. Somtimes, I even confuse myself (which is a sign it probably could be simpler). In any case, I will make efforts to document ALL the settings of the tools (registerable versions first), provide some example templates where applicable, and anything else I think you might find useful.  In particular, I want to open up the API to developers. Most of my products work alongside my other aglorithmic trading tools and have an open API. Whilst I know a few have figured this out for theirselves, that’s not easy. Whilst some of those tools are not ready for sharing yet, I want to let developers use the tools that are published in their own code in a similar way to I do, if they desire. This API is a much more performant and scalable way of using the indicators than the traditional Ninjatrader way. Please check back for more soon.