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By September 26, 2016 August 9th, 2019 Tech

OK, here are 2 indicators I  have created and found useful. Both are designed to work solely with NYSE $TICK, but may work with other exchange tick or other instruments. Not intended to though, so, you-know, if it doesn’t….


This works on any time-scale. I personally use it on a fast and slower one. It is very simple, but surprisingly useful (to me, at least). It counts the number of closes above or below zero and reports those in the data series chart window, example below. So you have ticks closed up, closed down, and a ratio (not sure if the ratio is quite right yet!)

$TICK chart with tick counter indicator

What use is this you say? Seems a bit simplistic!  Well, yes. BUT, how many times have you looked at that mass of ticks, been caught out by a trend day, etc. The figures give you an idea what side is dominating, or if ~50/50, if we are likely to be in a range. Reading ticks is bit of an art. This helps, or more accurately, I found it helps me. Maybe it’ll help you too. Let me know.

This indicator takes an average of the high/low/median and plots that. Ticks can jump all over the place. As mentioned above, it’s a bit of an acquired art to read them. Sometimes they squirt up for a short period and close. I don’t feel this gives you a true picture. Using this method you get a nice chart. I feel it gives a much better idea of the overall tick trend. I tend to run this on much shorter time intervals. Here is an example that also has the built in SMA indicator applied to it. See how much more sense you make of the orange bars than the first example, above? Isn’t that a clearer picture?

$TICK chart with tamer plot

This indicator may well be of use with other things. I’ve not used it for anything other than $TICK though. Anything that swings around a lot on a short term basis it would probably be of use for. Let me know below if you find it useful elsewhere.

Credit for the tamer idea goes to Peter Davies from Jigsaw trading. I know there are variations on this, but I saw an NT7 version of this idea on his website and decided I wanted something like it for NT8.


2017.01.27 Updated the TickTamer to include a Cumulative tick mode. If enabled in the properties, this plots cumulative ticks only. I’m watching this as an experiment, but it seems of value. Example image below.Bars painted red or green based on if ticks are getting worse or better over time.


New download COMING SOON

As usual, let me know below if any issues and I will try to resolve, time permitting.


The tick indicators are free for non-commercial use but if you find it useful and wish to donate beer money, you can do so Via Bitcoin or PayPal. Any amount (no matter how small) will give you a warm fuzzy feeling and help me keep the power on. Be fair, just donate what you think is right. Thank you.

Bitcoin to  1PsQP6ECsevKRck4NPNJ3ZLnGaSJLxNyUT

PayPal to pjs DOT guernsey AT gmail DOT com

Commercial arrangements and custom versions are available if you wish to re-distribute or use for commercial purposes.  Please do not redistribute this, but feel free to link to it here.

At the very least, if you liked this or found it useful, please let me know in the comments section below or give it a like/share above. Thanks!

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  • craig beheler says:

    looks like you have it hard coded to use $TICK for us ^TICK users it wont plot it appears..anyway to put a dialog in the indicator to specify the symbol..

    • pjsmith says:

      Ah, that was stupid of me. Thanks for reporting it. Leave it with me. I will fix it and issue an updated version soon.

      • pjsmith says:

        I finally got round to just checking this, due to another query, and as far as I can see, it’s not hard coded. It takes whatever input series you specify, so you should be OK… The indicator adds no data series of it’s own at all. Just takes the one off the chart…

  • Rudy says:


    I’m not getting the red and green colors on the pjsTamer display for cumulative mode.

    How do I configure exactly how to show in the picture above, with red and green popping up?

    Thank you in advance for your attention!

  • Gerald Gorevan says:

    Hi PJ
    Your cumulative TICK indicator is just great, works very well. Would you consider doing a single indicator to track the differences between UVOL & DVOL on ninjatrader 8?
    Many thanks for all your hard work,

    • pjsmith says:

      Thank you for the kind comment. In fact, over the last few days, having had UVOL and DVOL missing from my setup for a month or so after I changed data feeds, I have done just that. In fact, I only got it all together a couple days ago. I’m testing it now, so once done, I may well release it here.

  • Gerry says:

    It would be great if you could!

  • novice says:

    How do you download cumulativeTick indicator? could not find the download link.

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