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By December 7, 2011July 16th, 2012Tech

I’ve been using the free syslog client here (draytek router tools) for some time.  The software comes with the excellent draytek routers and actually receives most syslog messages just fine.  Even relays them to my home so I can keep an eye on things there.  During a recent work emergency (DDOS), I needed to view the logs for specific events over multiple servers on a continuous basis.  I couldn’t do this with the draytek software.  It also had a couple annoying bugs (looses it’s relay settings on every app restart, for example) that have bugged me for a while.  I had a few ideas of how I would prefer a syslog client to work, so I quickly wrote up my own during one late night session.  Here is it.  Feel free to utilise it.  It is probably a bit buggy at the moment, though it works fine for me right now receiving at the office, logging, relaying etc.  It certainly made my life over those few days a lot more bearable.  Only wrote it a couple days ago, so a lot of time has not yet been invested!  I’ll almost certainly add to it, so check back if you do find it useful.  It’s written in .NET.  No install.  Just copy to a home on your PC and run. Config settings are in the config file.

Mildly censored screenshot below

Download PJ Syslog server V0.2

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