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Evernote outlook plugin problems

By July 16, 2012August 25th, 2012Tech

Evernote is a great piece of software when it works, which is most of the time.  It does have a couple issues I’ve come across.  Having just rebuilt both my windows 7 x64 machines,  1 refused to load the evernote plugin on Outlook 2010.  A few Google searches later and this seems to be a common issue, hence this post.  Removing, re-installing, and repairing doesn’t seem to help.  Manually loading the EvernoteOL.dll witihn Outlook told me the dll was not a valid office plugin.  Checking the file on one of my working machines shows the file was a completely different one.  Close Outlook, copy file from other machine (for me, C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\EvernoteOL.dll), launch outlook, evernote pops up briefly says it’s installing something.  Close Outlook, re-open Outlook, ‘Add to Evernote’ shows in the toolbar 🙂

I hope this helps someone else given there seems no other solution to this I could find documented anywhere.

Now if anyone knows how to fix the remaining  issue of Evernote showing months old notes when choosing to edit a note on my tablet in offline folders, let me know…


  • Jim says:

    I came across your post via Google, but I must ask: How would this help someone else unless they had access to your old machine or you posted the dll?

  • pjsmith says:


    I’d guess you would have to have access to another machine, any machine with Evernote already installed. I did not think twice about it as I have multiple machines with Evernote installed. It would not be possible for me to host the file here due to copyright issues, but I would imagine you could find it via google or on any of your system backups, etc.

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