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WordPress slow after moving to windows 2012

By August 18, 2012August 24th, 2012Tech

Here’s another issue I found after porting my sites to Windows 2012.  Each page of this site was taking between 2.5 and 6 seconds to load.  This turned out to be because the machine name, which I’d kept the same as the old server was resolving  to an ipv6 address, not the ipv4 192.168.x.x I use for my subnet.  It still worked  fine, just much slower.  I’m not yet sure why connections to MySql take so long via ipv6.  I changed my configuration files to point to the local ipv4 address and page times are now <500ms.  In Word press, it’s just a matter of editing wp-config.php and updating the define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘192.168.x.x’); line

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