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My wheels after almost a decade of standing were looking a bit shabby. Struturally fine, but the steel spokes were quite rusted. I spent an age cleaning them up, only for them to rust again very quickly. In the end I did completely break down the wheels, soda blast the hubs, paint the rims and install new stainless spokes, tubes and tyres. Came out quite nice. I’m pretty proud of this job. They are better than new. You can see the state of the spokes and hub in some of the pictures below, prior to the rebuild. As the nipples where rusted, I cut all the spokes out with bolt cutters (wear safety glasses if you do this!). The rear was fairly easy to rebuild (all same size spokes), but the front took me a couple goes as there are several different size spokes in this pattern. Thanks to Richard of Central Wheel Components for sorting me out with spokes.


And a little collage

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