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Want to do Time Lapse on your Panasonic LUMIX camera?

By June 24, 2016Photography, Tech

Want to do Time Lapse on your Panasonic LUMIX camera?

Well, you can’t! Or, more accurately, you can’t on the majority of the lower end stuff and even the mid – high TZ range. It’s a function they simply don’t have. This is a shame as it’s a nice camera and one that I own!  So, having dug into how Panasonics own app communicates with these cameras, I rolled my own. ‘Intervalveometer for Android’ will enable you to take images at regular intervals from your wifi enabled Panasonic camera for the creation of time lapse sequences. It should work on most Android devices and with most wifi enabled Panasonic cameras. I believe it even works on the action camera, though my testing has all been on the TZ compacts.

A brief demo and a couple samples below.

You can download the app from the Google Play store here

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