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This post is part of my 2017 Europe tour series.

Now fully packed and ready to go. Just 2 days until boarding the ferry to Saint Malo, then about an hours ride to a hotel for the evening. Just me and my co-pilot, Jacques.

I’ve just taken a ride to the garage to top off the tank, and wow…  Is the bike heavy with 2 side cases, top-box and dry bag. I think I’ve got the packing down as slim as I can though, given I intend to camp.

The interactive map above shows the main route taken for this journey, along with blog entries in the area that are related to the trip. It updates in real-time, as uploads permit. So, if you are viewing this as I am actually on tour, you’ll be able to monitor my progress.  You can click on the markers for more information or to read the entry.

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