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Rapid order entry, for Ninatrader 8

By May 24, 2018August 9th, 2019Tech, Trading

pjsRapidOrderEntry – A evolution of the buy sell buttons for Ninjatrader 8

A while ago, I made this. I was an attempt to make something convenient for me to rapidly enter orders. I have to admit, it did not work well for me for my original goal. I did however morph this into something else that executes orders on bar close, when certain conditions are met, etc. It for me is now a trigger, designed to go off faster than a human can react. For this, it is perfect.  But, that still leave the original problem requiring a solution. This is it…

What this does…

Enables you to place orders, directly on the chart, with a single click! 🙂  Much, much faster and easier than charttrader (IMO). Much, much easier than right click chart, find menu option, select sell limit, move order to right place on chart, etc. A second can be a long time when scalping!

The best way to demonstrate this is with a picture, so here it is.  The panel down the right of the screen enables me to easily change automatic profit targets and stops, if desired.  Simple mouse click on chart at the desired price level to execute.  Ctrl and middle click to buy, Shft and middle click to sell. Right ctrl middle click for stop orders. All are limit, so just click above/below for equivalent of market order.  You can then manage the individual orders just like normal. I experimented for some days to find a comfortable and convenient keyboard combination, and this seems to work well.

pjsRapidOrderEntry indicator

pjsRapidOrderEntry indicator

There’s a buy bid and sell ask button too, as I use those a lot.  The sidebar is very narrow and takes up ~10% the width of chart trader, so you don’t have all that wasted screen space. The 0 is the current position. It updates as your orders are filled.

I achieved this in an indicator. Something Ninjatrader originally told me could not be done. pjsBuySellButtons is written as a strategy to overcome that issue. It had some drawbacks though, such as orders on the same instrument from charttrader or dom killing of the strategy (as is intended by NT, by design). This works much better, though it took a bit of work to get right.

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Ninjatrader 8


None yet


A much enhanced version of this indicator is COMING SOON


Contact me

Email me via the web site if you want to get in touch.


  • novice says:

    Rapid order entry, for Ninatrader 8, can you please let me download this indicator.

    • pjsmith says:

      I hope the new version of this indicator will be available soon. Please keep an eye on the website for more information, when it is released.

      • Danny Rebello says:

        Rapid order entry, for Ninatrader 8, can you please let me know when i can download this i would love to have it. I have similar issues with NT8 entries. Thank you

        • pjsmith says:

          Hi – It’s been evolving and is now a far better products. The essence of rapid order entry remains, but it can also do algo type entries, some risk management, etc. It is in some final stage live testing now and I hope to release it soon. Thank you for your interest.

          • Eric says:

            Hey Paul, what’s the best way to be notified when you release this? Do you have an ETA? I’m trying to decide if I should give this a go to develop for myself, or if your release is imminent.


          • pjsmith says:

            Just keep an eye on here, really. Sorry, I really don’t have a timescale for doing this. I use it daily myself, but it’s tied into a lot of my other code that I am not sure will be generally released. I would need to spend a few days either separating that, or releasing a lot of my algo stuff, too. Isn’t going to be quick, I think. Trading first, software second 😉

  • Gerardo says:

    Ciao mi interesserebbe acquistare questo indicatore lo trovo davvero molto utile complimenti.. Quale è il prezzo?

  • John says:

    Presume this project is now dead?

  • Shamzy says:

    Can you just release this script and and push updates when you get time to work on it more? It doesn’t have to be 100%… We have seen your proof of concept and have been waiting for close to or over a year. Your users will test it for you and report bugs, that way it will move faster in my opinion.

    • pjsmith says:

      Nope, sorry – Not going to release something that has a known issue where it can lock your platform after a trade is executed, leaving you completely buggered in a fast move. Simply not going to happen. I do not wish to be partly responsible for someone blowing up their account, or experiencing a large loss. I am also busy with trading at the moment with the current volatility, so little time to spend on the code. it’s a decent concept and one people obviously want. I will get to it as soon as I can and if I can find a workaround to the issue with Ninja freezing occasionally, that would do it…

      • Shamzy says:

        I understand your concern and rightly so… Hopefully you would be less busy and be able to work on it so we can get it sometimes this year? 😉

  • Ray G says:

    This will be extremely helpful when released. Hope its soon. Thanks for all you have done for the community.

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