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As many of you will know, I’ve been coding indicators for Ninjatrader for many years, starting with NT7. I’ve released a few here, on this website, free of charge. Some have been quite (even very) popular. I’ve spent more than 2 years working on new versions, yet to be released.  SOON they will be. I’ve some exciting new order flow related tools that I personally use, every day in active trading, as well as huge updates and new features to a lot of the older releases.  I’ll be doing this on semi commercial basis. The reason? I always operated the distribution of the indicators on a beerware basis. When I checked the stats earlier this year, over 4,000 people had downloaded one of my most popular indicators this year alone. Less than 5 people even said thank you….  I’ve spent 2 years improving these indicators. 100’s, if not thousands of hours of development and testing time in real trading. Feedback from people who have them tell me they are awesome. Some of the features are totally unique, some of the tools are even unique, which is why I’ve also been at odds to release them. Competitive edge in trading, and all that. I’ve seen a lot of people charging silly sums for stuff I think is rubbish.  So – shortly, it is my intention to package up the indies, one by one, and offer them up here. No magic indicators of algos that do all the work for you. No, sorry. Just honest, useful stuff that once you learn to use it, will give you an edge. One of the most exciting to look forward to is the new Order Flow tool. It is derived from the old pjsCumdelta, but now also does so, so much more. If you are an order flow trader, you will love it!

Please check back soon….


  • Nosa says:

    Hello Paul,
    I hope you are keeping well.
    I stumbled on your page while looking for the cumulative delta indicator for NinjaTrader 8 and then read your notes here.
    I have not been able to download it yet, but as an encouragement to you, I just want you to know that your effort is appreciated.

  • roytrader says:

    Hello Paul,
    Please do you have a direct email address that I can reach you.
    I would like a copy of your pjsCumdelta indicator.
    Thank you!

  • pjsmith says:

    Thank you for the comments. Please keep an eye on the website for news regarding the new indicators. I hope they are not to far off in terms of release…

  • BatmanV says:

    Thanks PJ,

    Interested to see what you have been working on. I’m sure it be great

  • John says:

    Awesome indicators PJ – really appreciate your work

  • Cathena says:

    Hi Paul, came across your website… so many interesting posts! I would be eternally grateful for a NinjaTrader single click order entry indicator (hotkey with point and click for limit orders)… any chance of making this available? Happy to pay for it. Stay safe,

  • Makusan says:

    namaskaram pjsmith,

    I’m not clear if you are still working on the CD indicator or is it available? I’m willing to make a contribution to you in the effort. I could real use it now.


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