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OK, if you are a short term order flow trader (like me), then you probably have no use for the Ninjatrader DOM! To me, it has always been next to useless. I’ve used it to manage orders once in a while, but to enter, it lacks many, many things. For me, the latency on it is horrible vs standalone DOM. On volatile instruments, as standard (unless you pay the patent license fees per trade), the DOM self centres, which means you get no feel for the back and forth – it simply jumps all over the place. Even if these issues were resolved, there is one huge issue for me. NO TRADED VOLUME. By that, I mean the ability to see what just traded on the bid or ask in the last few seconds. The traded volume often has no relation at all to what was on the bid or ask at the time price moved through it. This is CRITICAL information, for my type of trading, at least. Without all these features, NT DOM is really of no use to me. This is why, for many years I have used the JigSaw DOM. Not without it’s issues in past, but for me, a much, much better solution. Still – I thought I would set about trying to dress up this pig of an inbuilt DOM, address some of these shortcomings, and this is what I came up with.

Super, SuperDOM!

The pjsTradedVolume column! There is also a short video here. It’s pretty flexible and can be used in various ways. Here, I have the APQ column, 2 pjsDepth Columns, 4 instances of pjsTradedVolume, two for the recently traded volume, and two tracking volume since the last cleardown. The standard volume profile is in there as well. You’ll notice the optional bid / ask highlight blocks too! Cool, eh? Compare this to a decent DOM like Jigsaw, and it’s now pretty much providing the same information, and in pretty good time, too. Boom! True, it’s not as space efficient, or quite as responsive. It does have one big advantage as well as being a native solution though, and that’s no license fees, nor monthly recurring live trade fees… Not that paying these is a bad idea, but I know when everyone is starting, all those subs add up!

So, I am going to test this live for a while and see if it fulfills my needs. One thing I can tell you, it is a quantum leap forward for the standard DOM!

So, what do you think? Anything else you would like to see? Would you be interested in using it? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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  • Claire Gibson says:

    Hi – I have been a lurker on your website for a little while now. I am interested in this development of the DOM you have made. I too am a subscriber to Jigsaw but I would like an alternate option and perhaps a cleaner option than what Jigsaw can provide. I am disappointed that Jigsaw went from a ‘guy next door’ provider to essentially selling out. This has bugged me for a little while and this as an alternate option could be the answer! Is this for sale / trial?


  • pjsmith says:

    Hi – That’s pretty much what I wanted. Not the full Jigsaw DOM, but something in NT with traded volume and a few other nices, and without the monthly sub. It’s early prototype yet and not something I would want anyone else using (for safety reasons!), it’s also not as performant as it needs to be in volatility, but that’s because I pretty much threw it together as a prototype. Hopefully I will get time to make it of a quality others can use in the future.

  • Gus says:

    This is an excellent idea. I agree that the NT DOM is pretty useless. The ability to see bids and offers and pulled and stacked is critical. Equally important is the ability to clear data once a trade executed in order to see from that point on how the bids and offers react. I hope you can make it available.

    • Jo says:

      Hi very good work. Will it be vailable for a trial? Would like to use it

      • pjsmith says:

        Thanks. In the future, I might, but it’s still not good enough for me to use as Ninja has some limitations… Much better than stock, though!

  • Samuel Lopez says:

    Hi! Excellent development!
    Is your DOM available for download?

  • tom says:

    hello. can i have the super dom and how much is it?
    i want to see the pulling and stacking


    • pjsmith says:

      To be honest, because of the speed of NT DOM (it updates pretty slowly), I think you would be better looking at an alternative solution. I’ve not spent a lot of time on that since, and use it occasionally. Whilst I think it is a huge step up from standard DOM, it does not refresh fast enough for my liking (NT limitation). I have built a new in-chart version that can update with every tick, so much better for me.

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