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Discord Room
OK, for some time, I’ve wanted a place to share some ideas and usage scenarios, answer some questions, and basically collaborate with my fellow traders. I know there are a bunch of rooms out there. I might even be in the odd 1! ( I value very few of them). There are perhaps better, existing places to have these discussions, but they also have a lot of noise. I do post on Twitter (@pjsmith), but it’s a fairly limited platform for this sort of thing and I do not want to commercialise that stream in any way.

I really, really do not want to be in the position of managing a room, but this will be specific to the indies I’ve created and to help one another in their use. It is, 100%, NOT a trade call room. I expect it to be a very low volume and based specifically around the PJSIndies. Given that, it’ll also fairly platform-specific, i.e. NinjaTrader 8 & Index futures.

The whole point is to share some knowledge re setups, ideas, features, etc. Sharing progress together. If you are a registered user of any of my items, just drop me a msg for member access along with your discord ID. Honestly, do not expect there to be a lot of content there to start. I’m not even sure what this will morph into if anything. It’s a place for you to ask questions about the indies, perhaps share stories about how you use them, provide feedback on what you think might be useful improvements, etc. The whole idea is improvement via constructive collaboration. This is a tough game. Let’s help each other!

Will I be in there every day – NO!
Will I answer questions specific to the PJSIndies – YES!
Will I try and post some education stuff, videos, etc. – YES!
Might I try and do some live trade streaming – YES!
Will I be calling entries – HELL NO!
What’s with ‘The Rathole’? – I just seem to go down them so often, I figure it’s a fun tag!

So, maybe see you there… Let’s see what happens.


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