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This is a chart and indicator template (you don’t need both and I am sure my chart colours will not be to everyone’s tastes! ) for the 80 range pjsProfileBars I use as one of my main overview charts when trading the Nasdaq. Prior versions of the indicator template are bundled with the indie download, but I will try and update this one as and when I make changes. I use this on the CFD & Future. You may need to tweak volume values for your own provider. Templates are designed as starting points for your own optimisations.

Indicators used : pjsProfilebars, pjsPriceline, pjsReversalDetector, pjsChartlabel, dtTrackingFixedScale

The template should still load if you do not have all these indicators (they will just be dropped). Please be sure to add your own product keys where applicable!

All published templates may be found here

Exported with NinjaTrader 64-bit

Chart template

pjsProfileBars template

pjsProfileBars order flow chart template example


  • Marcelo Penido says:

    Hello Pjs. Where can I download dtTrackingFixedScale, pjsChartlabel and pjsPriceline?

    • pjsmith says:

      The chartlabel and priceline are avaialble on this site somwhere! Please try the search and see if it pops up. The dtTrackingFixedScale is a simple third party tool I use, but it’s currently unavailable as the authors site is down.

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