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A quick video explanation of how to configure pjsHeikenAshi turn zone functionality using multi-time-frame NQ as the example instrument.

The template (settings) file for the indicator is here


  • William says:

    Hi Paul

    Is there a way to get either :

    A) an alert when a zone startes to form
    B) ability to use this in Bloodhound (usually means it will have to print a plot)

    Thanks, William

    • pjsmith says:

      hi – Yes, there are already voice/sound alerts for new zone formation. For bloodhound, I cannot answer. There is not a plot added for this. In Ninjatrader, adding plots for various functions like this compromises performance quite a lot in some situations. So, in general, I expose variables instead. All the zones are written to a collection you can iterate over in your own code and I would be happy to give you a code example of how, but it would require manual coding on your part. I realise this is not as simple as selecting a plot, but, it really does degrade NT8 so much that if I added plots for all the bits people want to access, the indie would suck in volatility and small time frames. This is just an NT limitation, which is why I expose the bits like this that are seldom used by most, and where values are not required on every bar, as public variables instead. zero overhead. Much, much more efficient. But, unfortunately, more work from the point of view of integration.

  • Monica Elena says:

    hi, first thank you for this indicators. i have a small problem, i can’t find chart label indicator, try to set up the Heiki Ashi chart but the null style is not on my chart style to be able to select it and make 60 range not plot. its make 12 range to go and 60 on my chart. thank you for your time

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