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Below are daily log entries from my travel adventures.

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Sorry folks. One of the monkeys here made a mistake, and as a result, some of the more recent key registrations have been lost. I have them all in emails,…

Discord room

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Discord RoomOK, for some time, I've wanted a place to share some ideas and usage scenarios, answer some questions, and basically collaborate with my fellow traders. I know there are…

Site was down

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Sorry if you were trying to download any of the indicators etc last few weeks. Technical difficulties!

13 Mile hike around Guernsey’s East/South coast

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OK - When I finally get to start travelling, which should be from now into the new year, I want to do some decent hikes into the wilderness whilst away.…

Merry Christmas folks

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Merry Christmas folks.           Taken on a recent trip to London. Really nice place to see all the displays on a scale I just don't get…

Meeting Royalty

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I spent some time in Herm a couple weeks ago with friends and actually got to meet Prince Charles (as well as consume some beer).  Quite a change from the…

Solar power!

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OK, weve been using a bit more power here recently, so I just 'invested' in 1kw of solar panels.  More on the setup soon.