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NullStyle, eh?
What’s that all about!? Well – sometimes, you just do not want bars on a Ninjatrader chart. Maybe you have an indicator that plots bars, like a UniRenko, or maybe you use a volume-type display, like pjsProfileBars. Either way, the Ninjatrader solution is not very convenient. It entails going into your Data Series settings, and setting the candle colours and bar outlines to transparent. There’s another disadvantage to this method. Even though you set them to invisible, and don’t care about them, NT8 still does all the calculations to create them in the background. How wasteful! So, a better solution, which I bundle with some of my bar type replacements, like the ProfileBars, and pjsHiekenAshi, is the ‘NullStyle’ chart style I created. This means, you can very easily just select ‘NullStyle’ from the drop-down list of bar types along the top of the chart, and, bam! Your bars are invisible. Not only that, all the bar processing code is removed, so, no wasted CPU cycles on stuff you cannot see, anyway. Smart, eh?

I chose to share this here, because, 1, I seem to keep forgetting to bundle it with releases, and 2, I figure a bunch of people can use it anyway, even if they do not use my indies.


The ‘NullStyle’ chart option, after the indie installation

Not a lot else to show, because, err, it makes the bars invisible!



Ninjatrader 8


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  • kk says:

    Sweet! Where do I put each of the three files though? Thanks!

    • pjsmith says:

      Hi – You don;t put the 3 files anywhere. The 1 zip file you downloaded, import it into Ninjatrader from ‘Tools’, ‘Import’, ‘Ninjascript add-on’

      • Default KK says:

        Oh, duh, my bad. I saw “indie installation” mentioned and thought this must be a more manual installation. Would this be helpful if I wanted Renko bars visible but another time-based indicator running invisibly in the “background” so I could see that indicator painted on the Renko chart? Or would NT still need those time-based bars just set to transparent?

      • Default KK says:

        Great, I thought so but just wanted to confirm my specific intention. Will be buying you coffee once I decide how much I use your stuff. Thanks for your work!

  • Alex says:

    Hi! This is a great little solution. Thank you very much for sharing it. I would like to ask whether it is possible to use this NullStyle as chart style the way in some of your videos you use it. I.e. when creating a chart you select “NullStyle” as bar type for the chart. Thank you, ALex

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