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By December 3, 2023Ninjatrader, Trading

I know – It’s been a very long time coming!

I have wanted to offer some support and discussion for users of the paid products and supporters for a long time. A rather abandoned attempt to set it all up last year, well. Anyway – I believe I finally have the Discord server configured!

For anyone who is a user of the products, or a supporter, who wishes to join, please use this invite link (non-expiring, for now). Please bear in mind that some of the channels are public and everyone has permission in some of those channels to view all the content you post.

The server is managed on a best-effort basis! If you have supported via Ko-Fi in the past, you will automatically have been invited/assigned a ‘Supporter’ role. This will enable me to see who the supporters are and provide access to some things that are for supporters only. All licensed users of any of the tools get access to everything related to that product (and more). Please note, however, that this is not a commercial Discord space. It is a community support space and a place for users to help each other, exchange ideas about the products and trading in general. My own time here may be limited. I cannot offer trade advice!

I cannot guarantee this Discord to stay open, but hopefully, it will work out to be an asset for us all, rather than an expense!

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