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Release notes

Fix bug in Turn Zones where “Pivot high/low within x bars filter” was not working correctly in some situations
Fixed a bug where if in HADelta mode and the option to highlight flip bars was enabled and the flip bar occurred within the first few bars, the indicator might fail to display.
Added a new momentum option for turn zone creation
Improved ‘do not create zone inside zone and overlapping zones’ detection
Added a showDBDTWicksTickTolourance tolerance option for double top/bottom detection, to allow X ticks wiggle of tolerance
Some changes to turn zones. The option ‘convert broken zones’ has now changed to ‘convert broken zones with bar closes through level’. Colours for the zone will also change (a new zone is now added from the break). This is useful as zones that are rapidly closed through are typically retested. A wick poking through a zone will not flip the zone (it is still a rejection).
FIX – If ‘use trend analysis algo to create turn zones’ was enabled, but ‘Mark Change Bars’ was disabled, turn zones would fall back to the default method.
Added Open only smoothing option

Make Bull/Bear trend strength show if the option is enabled and bars are turned off (hidden)

Fix the bull/bear bar announcement when running in HADelta mode
Change of behaviour – If ShowBars is turned off, BIAS backgrounds will still paint (this is the intended operation)

Note – you should be using Ninjatrader version or above for this release (Ninjatrader changed to a 64bit-only model), however, at this time, we cannot recommend using the 8.1.x.x branch. is the last known recommended version.
Added ‘Delta fast’ example indicator settings template as an example of how you might use delta mode (to be used in a separate chart panel)
Fix bug where indicator would not load if using Daily bars and SylvainVervoort HA mode.
Added first ‘Edge Analysis’ tool. Draws triangles around areas when bias flips long/short/short/long.
Added a new, public “DeltaSeries” for use with custom codes and the Ninjatrader Strategy Builder. This will report the Delta values. The series will only be populated if the indicator is in HADelta mode.In order to use within the strategy builder code, you may need to unlock your code. The code is exposed as a series, NOT a plot. This is because a plot would simply consume too many Ninajtrader resources.
Added 3 new line options for HADelta mode. A zero line, an upper, and a lower line.
Fix vertical alignment so Trend strength shows in indicator panes other than the primary chart window
Add trend direction arrows to the Trend Strength meter
The trend Strength meter now works in Delta mode.
Add bar announcements. This can announce completed bull, bear bars, indecision bars, etc. (via voice alerts)
Add a ctrl-mouse click option to draw a rectangle (zone) around the bar by clicking it.
Fix bar width adjustment not being used in MiniChart mode.
AmaEHMA was removed from smoothing options.
Other minor code changes and improvements.

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