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Release notes

Changed some internal public series to NOT be infinite lookback. These will default to the indicator defaults, which are 256 periods. If you are using pjsOpeningRange in a strategy and need to look back more bars than the default, you can set this to ‘Infinite’ in the indicator properties. Using 256 saves machine resources and will suit almost all users.
Added dynamic monthly range projections (same as for existing daily projections, but weekly ranges)
Added dynamic weekly range projections (same as for existing daily projections, but weekly ranges)
Added independent style options for certain lines/text, so you can colour weekly and monthly, current session etc. independently if you wish.
Added monthly range and stats
Added weekly retracement options
Changed all retracement to support unlimited retracement levels (you can add as many as you want to be separated by commas, e.g, 50, 61.8, 150, etc.)
Added option to align labels to the right of the lines (right of the last bar) via the ‘Align labels to the right’ option in the ‘Visual’ settings section.
Added option to customise labels. Instead of defaulting to ‘Weekly’ for instance, you can change this to whatever you prefer. Similar options for other labels added and likely more coming.
Internal logic changes – Periods table now used instead of independent variables for the current session, prior session, weekly, etc. (irrelevant to users really, but added here for the record)
Added options to plot the prior day’s settlement
Added 2 additional (optional) daily range calculation options. This will provide a ‘cluster’ based on 3 common periods, and a range you can expect to see some interaction with. This is on by default. You can turn it off in the settings for the old, single-line projection if you wish.

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