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Release notes


Addition of divergence detection & alerts, vs some common indicators such as RSI, CMF, etc.
There is a new ‘Data’ section in this (and many of my indicator new versions). This has some options to reduce the number of tick steps. This is useful with profiles etc where you might have high tick instruments (CFD’s with 100 ticks per point are an extreme example), but are only interested in 1 or .25 step price increments for example. This can also improve performance (1 or 4 price levels, instead of 100 at the extreme)
Add ‘lines’ as an option for marking swing highs and lows. These are drawn using OnRender and should probably be used in preference to the ‘dots’ unless you are using tools like MarkersPlus.
Fix occasional exception
Added ticks and points to the text swing options (to supplement the existing % based numbers, if desired)
Added experimental ‘Market Structure’ markers. These look for price action based reversals.
Minor code revisions and optimisations

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