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My product stopped working

If your product stopped working, there may be multiple reasons for this, some of which are described below

Your product key expired
If you are on a trial key, and that key passes its expiry date, the product may stop working fully, or with reduced functionality. If you did purchase a license, please be sure that you did send the product key to support so they can update your license for you. For most products that have expiring licenses, a license can be obtained from the link on the lower portions of the product page. On newer versions of the products, you will likely get a small note on the screen/chart, or in the ‘Output’ window/log, telling you if the product is Licensed or Unlicensed.

Your machine ID may have changed
The machine ID is a unique key linked to your PC, that identifies it (anonymously). Your license is attached to this key. Sometimes, if the trading platform (like Ninjatrader) or other undergoes a significant change, or your hardware changes due to a BIOS upgrade, significant component changes, OS upgrades, etc., the platform (Ninjatrader etc.) might generate a new machine ID and identify you as a new person. This will disassociate you from your license, and your product may stop working fully. To resolve this, please contact us briefly explaining what happened along with your new machine ID and your existing product key from the indicator settings, and we will remove the old machine ID activations to allow the product to be re-activated with the new machine ID.

We might have messed up!
Yes, it sometimes happens! Fortunately, this is rare. In all time we have only 1 instance where we inadvertently lost a small number of activations after a lightning strike killed a server. Fortunately, this is easily resolved. Please contact us and let us know your product key from the indicator settings, your machine ID (from help about in Ninjtrader or other), and any other details of your purchase will be much appreciated (we need to locate your receipt). We will then regenerate/fix your license, and profusely apologise!

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